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You can call me wheelz

Many clients and people in the industry have for over 20 years now. It’s probably  fitting that a guy with such an enduring nickname – almost an alter ego of sorts – is fascinated with masks (tribal and otherwise) that let you be someone else for a while. After all, I've reprised many roles in my TV life: freelance video editor, writer, director, producer and videographer – each with its own skill set.

As a storyteller, I'm interested in the edges where two worlds collide. In life, it’s where all the really interesting material is generated. 
It’s unlikely I'll ever realize my lifelong goal of being installed as the head of state in a tropical, third-world nation – via a bloody military junta – before being peacefully toppled to the tearful dismay of my loving public. Still, with the current political climate around the world, you never know. "El Presidente wheelz" has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

In the meantime, call me wheelz or David – I answer to both. We will explore the edges together. 

What mask will you wear?

​​​When he's not watching over lost Incan cities, David Routt oversees creative and is your first point of contact. Whatever video production services you need: a project produced from script to screen, a dynamic producer on the set or an editor to jump into a chair to save the day in post. He's a video production Swiss Army Knife.