Innovative Video Production Services

It's not easy to summarize the positives a media giant brings to the community and  introduce a breakthrough product in under 2 minutes. One of our largest clients, Cox Communications, hired us to produce this video to promote the announcement of their new Gig Service to both their employees internally and to their large customer base.

Arizona Autism United wants individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of people affected by autism, so they turned to Paint It Black TV to help in their recruitment of new employees. Plus, sometimes you have to flex your muscles with some quality animation work.

Desert EDGE is a fantastic, experiential project that will help people see, feel, breathe in, hear and understand the importance of the Sonoran Desert.  We explore the possibilities with the lead designer and architect in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Corporate video productions are usually a lot like a cracker – not much to chew on and tragically dry. We've produced our share of bar graphs and sales forecasts, but nothing informs, motivates and inspires viewers like the story of the people who make the company unique.

Need a video to generate revenue via partnerships and sales or a barrage of themed segments to rally the troops at your national sales meeting? Give us a crack at producing it our way. Of course, we can do it the traditional way, circa 1986. Your choice.