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In this excerpt from our broadcast documentary production, Descent Into Meth, a young prisoner in the Recovery Unit of the Black Canyon School forecasts correction officers shackling her legs to a bedpost, when she gives birth to her son – the kind of gritty image that will impact viewers for a long time.

Discharged from the Air Force with crippling pain and a bleak outlook, Mallory shares her journey to leave her severe pain and the volume of medications behind her on the way to competing in the Wounded Warrior Games.

A desert state like Arizona faces enough challenges for water even when Mother Nature is cooperating. Throw in a 20-year drought and wildfires that have scarred our critical watersheds and the problem could be crippling. The complexities are numerous, as are the steps toward solutions for its water future. 

Of all the creative video production projects we explore, Documentary is our favorite genre. How do we elicit a compelling story from everyday people, some who have never been on camera before? There are no shortcuts and it would take forever to tell you. We'd rather show you instead...